There is nothing kinder than finding people who can make you feel happy at this time.

It seems that nowadays, it becomes more complicated to live, like high standards, pressures at work, big expectations, and so on. In this generation, people are rushing about your success; they want you to reach what they think is good for you even its, not your passion.   Sometimes you feel pressure with lots of things going on in your life, you want to live like a normal, but then you surrounded yourself with lots of negativity. You allow anyone to control over your life, and you realize that its a big part of you had lost. You kept following others rules and disregarded your own wants. You became selfish for yourself and kind to people who don’t deserve it. It feels like it’s been scripted the whole time. Always think that you only live one, and you have to cherish every moment of it, full of love and without regrets. Its okay to break the rules, unfollow people and live your own., Know what is your happiness, love the people that laugh with you, and never be sorry for walking away in the negativity.   Its okay to do whatever you want, you have to live without fear and freedom. Allow yourselves to grow, create a mistake, fail, and stand again. At the end of the day, bad or good day, it’s your life. How I wish I did that earlier in my life, perhaps I was happy then. I allowed people to be used and abused me, give them the chance to control me. I was like a robot always doing what has been told. Living a comfortable life was not that easy, you have many things to do to maintain your family legacy. Even your own pleasures are forgotten. When I was a kid, I don’t remember playing with another one, I was denied over it. Instead, they had trained me to be a decent man, educate me a lot, and enroll at home-school at an early age. My family never had time for family bonding, they tell me its a waste of time, and we should always use our time wisely. They had a higher expectation from me when slowly grow up, but after all, they had never appreciated me. I decided to move from them when my father embarrassed me with a lot of people.   I book an Essex Escorts from to comfort me, and they did their best to make me better. They are beautiful people inside and out. Essex Escorts reminds me of my worth and value as a person. I don’t have to live in the shadow of other people, and always be true to myself. Thanks for Essex Escorts who had been with me through thick and thin.

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